Divorce Process Guidance & Advocacy

Simple Or Complex, Uncontested Or Contested You Need Strong Legal Counsel

Personal attention and responsive one-on-one legal counsel are the foundations of our representation. Whether your divorce involves substantial financial assets, real estate or little else but debts, we can help you pave your path to a prosperous future.

Based in White Plains, New York, our law firm concentrates on helping you with all matters of legal separation and divorce-related disputes. We have protected the financial and personal interests of clients throughout Westchester County for well over a decade, and we are here for you as well, ready to help you manage all aspects of divorce or separation, including:

  • Choosing the appropriate divorce process
  • Planning for your divorce
  • Selecting your divorce lawyer
  • Alternative dispute resolution (mediation and collaborative divorce)
  • Your parenting plan (custody and visitation agreements)
  • Determining alimony and spousal support
  • Property distribution and business valuation
  • Navigating economic challenges
  • Issues after divorce (relocation and agreement enforcement or modification)
  • We tailor our approach around your unique goals and needs. Your informed decisions and goals
    determine our strategy. Our team offers you care, hands-on support and passionate advocacy as we strive to help you throw bitterness and unhappiness aside in favor of positive resolution.


Before you sign any binding divorce decree or separation agreement, it is crucial to seek the counsel of an attorney who takes the time to understand your feelings, challenges and goals. Please call us at 914-358-0012 to speak with attorney Joy Y. Frank.

Ms. Frank will help you zero-in on the divorce process in New York that best suits your particular needs. Your decision will depend on a number of factors, including the possibility of an amicable divorce, child custody goals, financial positions and earning power of each spouse, and the abilities of you and the other party to communicate pragmatically.

Ms. Frank will help you understand the cost- and time-saving advantages of mediation and collaborative divorce, but litigation is certainly an option when amicable divorce or separation is untenable.



Please call our office at 914-358-0012 to schedule a consultation with Ms. Frank at your convenience. We are flexible to your needs and constructive in all stages of the process that is best for you and your children.

Please call our office at 914-358-0012 to schedule a consultation.