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Estate Planning & Protecting Assets

Normally reserved as topics of conversation for retirement-age people and those of considerable wealth, estate planning and asset protection is best begun early in life. Your estate plan and your assets will change throughout your life, but you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Think of a good estate plan as an insurance policy. Most people do not go without health insurance, homeowners’ insurance or auto insurance. In fact, if you own a vehicle, it is illegal to drive without auto insurance. Estate planning does not need to be complicated. Working with an experienced estate planning attorney in White Plains can make the process simple and cost-effective. Attorney Joy Y. Frank assists clients throughout Westchester County, and she brings 19 years of legal experience in New York to developing your estate plan and shielding your assets from litigation and creditors.

What Is Necessary In Your Estate Plan?

Your plan should clearly communicate your wishes to loved ones and other beneficiaries of your plan, leaving no room for ambiguity. You will be thankful you detailed your wishes if you become seriously ill, disabled, incapacitated or die. The following are legally binding estate planning vehicles:

  • Will or simple will
  • Revocable and/or irrevocable trusts
  • Health care directive (living will)
  • Durable or revocable powers of attorney

Customizing Your Estate Plan

Each of these elements can be as detailed or as simple as you like. Ms. Frank will help you make informed decisions based on your unique goals, composition of assets and wishes for loved ones. She will help you determine the proper controls and protections based on your five-year plan, 10-year plan, end-of-life wishes and any other customizations you prefer.

Probate And Estate Administration

Ms. Frank also handles probate matters and guides beneficiaries through the entire process. Our firm will work with you and defend your interests in probate. We can also help you decide if you should contest a will. With extensive litigation experience and significant asset valuation resources, Ms. Frank is your premium asset for all estate administration needs.

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