Immigration Law

Immigration can be a difficult process for you and your family. The laws can be complicated and difficult to understand. That is where an Immigration attorney can help. You need an attorney who has experience, knows what they are doing and knows how to help.

An Overview of Immigration Law

Immigration law is a set rules that the federal government establishes in order to determine who is allowed to enter the country. It also refers to laws that will be enforced if a person enters the country illegally or overstays their welcome. The United States constitution gives congress the right to legislate immigration.

There are also federal agencies that control immigration. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigates people who have broken the law. U.S. Citzenship and Immigration Services handles immigration applications. Custom and Border Protection makes sure that the borders are secure.

People can get permission to come to this country by getting a visa. Immigrant visas are for people who intend to work and stay in the country. Non-immigrant visas are for business people, tourist, students and anyone who will be staying in the country temporarily.

There are a number of detailed applications that you will have to submit if you want to immigrate to this country. Fortunately, a NY immigration lawyer can help you.

Benefits of Having a New York Immigration Attorney

The immigration laws and process can be quite complicated. However, you will have to know these laws in order to make sure that you follow the right process for immigrating. A seasoned attorney is very familiar with the laws. They can also keep you updated with any changes that are made.

If you make any mistakes while filling out your application, then this can delay the immigration process. An immigration attorney can make sure that all of the necessary forms are filled out correctly.

You can also hire an attorney to help you with your immigration or deportation issues. Your attorney can help you explore your options. You may not be deported if you have a good attorney on your side.

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