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Post-Divorce Issues

When you get a divorce, it is likely that your relationship with your ex-spouse will continue, for better or for worse. Post-settlement issues may arise at any point after your divorce is finalized, especially if you have children.Things you or your spouse may want to do post-divorce:

  • Enforce or modify child support
  • Enforce or modify spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • Enforce or modify child custody or parenting time
  • Relocate with your child

Attorney Joy Y. Frank has significant experience helping people throughout Westchester County resolve issues and make post-divorce modifications when substantial changes of circumstances occur. With 19 years of legal experience and top-caliber litigation experience, she can also help you enforce a divorce order and prevent modifications to orders from occurring.

Ms. Frank will handle enforcement, modification and other post-divorce issues that arise in your life even if you previously worked with a different divorce attorney in White Plains or anywhere else.

Why Do Post-Divorce Issues Arise?

Just as in any relationship, people change, people forget and some people do not live up to obligations. People lose jobs or financial problems come about for another reason. Children seem to always have changing priorities and needs. Child support is one of the most common orders that require modification post-divorce. Child support may need to change if your child attends private school, attends a more- or less-expensive college than you were planning on, or if your child develops increased special needs.

There are a multitude of reasons to modify divorce settlement orders post-divorce, and we can help you find resolution in each one.

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