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Should You Consider A Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreement?

Why Get A Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreement?
Marital agreements are important documents that can clearly define your financial obligations and protect your rights, before and after marriage. A prenuptial agreement is a contract that you and your future spouse agree to before your marriage. You can also draft a postnuptial agreement during the marriage, but before a divorce.Many people marry later in life. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can help protect the financial investments people have already earned. Investors, business partners and entrepreneurs can gain assurance that a spouse will not jeopardize financial undertakings if a marital agreement is in place.

Protect Your Assets With Personalized Legal Counsel

Attorney Joy Y. Frank has 19 years of legal experience and helps people throughout Westchester County draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements with close attention to detail and informative legal counsel.

Ms. Frank recommends that people with any significant property, personal assets and business assets draft marital agreements.

Do you have children from a prior marriage? If you want to protect assets that you would eventually like them to inherit, it would be wise to draft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement with a lawyer to preserve those assets for them.

Define Prenuptial And Ownership Rights

When you bring business, financial wealth, real estate and other assets into a marriage, it is important to clearly define ownership rights before marital problems arise.

Besides investments, business assets and property ownership, other common terms addressed in marital agreements include:

  • Child custody and child support
  • Property and debt division
  • Spousal maintenance/alimony

Even if you are married, you can draft a postnuptial agreement that serves much of the same purposes of a prenuptial agreement. This type of marital agreement can define your obligations and protect your rights, before divorce proceedings begin.

Protect Your Future And Define Ownership Rights In Your Marriage

Both spouses can benefit from a marital agreement.

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