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Valuing & Distributing Assets In Divorce

Asset And Property Division In Westchester County
If you have any financial and real estate assets beyond low-value bank accounts and shared debts, the process of valuing and distributing marital property may be complicated. Professional advocacy and management of asset distribution in the divorce process is not just for high-income families. Any couple with commingled accounts should seek the advice and legal counsel of an experienced divorce lawyer.

The equitable distribution of assets is not often a 50/50 split. You need an informative and detail-oriented advocate. We are thorough in culling through accounts.

Divorces involving families with substantial property and money require a consideration of a variety of legal, taxation and business issues. You will need guidance to classify and evaluate your marital assets and separate property.

Equitable distribution of marital property in New York is one of the most difficult issues in divorce and can quickly become contentious without prudent professional guidance and advocacy.

Attorney Joy Y. Frank can assist you with all aspects of a divorce settlement and the division of:

  • Premarital property holdings
  • Inheritance and gifts
  • Pensions, stock options, 401(k) and retirement plans
  • Business assets
  • Investment assets
  • Real estate holdings and vacation properties
  • Bank and securities accounts
  • Overseas accounts

We Help You Make Sense Of Complicated Financial Matters

Commingling of accounts, inheritances and gifting of spouse’s property can complicate the distinctions between separate and marital property. Further, fully valuing assets in divorce can delay the resolution of divorce proceedings. However, in the long run, taking the time to determine the proper value may save and earn you more money.

We will help you trace funds, gain understanding and awareness and assert your rights to what you deserve. It is crucial to be thorough, understand your full financial picture, know the passwords to your accounts and know where to find account statements.

Do not be overly concerned if you are not the one who manages the finances in your marriage. It is not unusual for one spouse to take charge in this department. Our team works with appropriate tax, real estate, business valuation and accounting experts to bring clarity to your case and your future.

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Attorney Frank has 19 years of legal experience and excels in complicated asset distribution matters involving significant assets. As an accomplished litigator, Ms. Frank knows how to help you avoid unnecessary litigation and achieve resolutions that stand the test of time.

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